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Representing first-rate artists in Central Illinois is our passion, and nobody does it better than Eazy Bandz Entertainment. We have developed a roster that spans the full spectrum of popular music, comprising an unrivaled catalog of talented, professional musicians who can release hits while still innovating and elevating popular music to the next level. Take a look through our listings and decide whether we are a match for you!


Our artists cover a wide range of styles and genres with their expertise, from contemporary pop, indie, funk, soul and RnB to jazz, classical and folk music. All of our extremely talented artists approach their work with professionalism honed over multiple years of experience in the music industry, helping us to achieve our number one priority which is to have a great show.

The Production Team

When you choose to work with our company to publish your music and plan your event, you're choosing experts with years of experience in the industry. Like our musicians, our in-house production team is extremely knowledgeable and talented, and their prime concern is in ensuring the best arrangement with the best artists in the game and also making sure the mixing and mastering on your tracks stand out from the crowd. If you're excited by the prospect of creating music that will stand the test of time, and having the best show of your audience's life, then we're the right team for you!

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